just let me breathe
they literally rocked my world on may 18th and i fell in love

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it’s official, i’m seeing kitten again nov 16th! bought my tickets on sunday. i am very excited :^)

// Like A Stranger vinyl release this Tuesday! Free show at Origami Records. See you there! //xo


photo by Angelo Kritikos

if you could marry any person in the entire world right now, who would it be?

i-breathe-music27 asked: Are you seeing kitten in DC?! Cause I am planning too as well! :P I saw them last time they were here!!! <3 it was awesome!

yeah i’m planning on it! i’m hoping i don’t have to work on that day or i’ll be devastated!! 

rescheduled dates for kitten’s tour with charli xcx

kittentheband: candid

: Remember when I wasn’t this iced out? Yeah me neither